Discover The Island’s Enigmatic Charm

The island of Joy, Gozo

Whether you're looking for a shopping, historic, adventurous, clubbing or relaxing type of holiday, Gozo checks all this and more..
Believed to have been inhabited at an earlier stage than its sister island of Malta, Gozo boasts a varied history and a rich cultural heritage. It is estimated that in 5000 BC, farmers from nearby Sicily settled first on the island, leaving behind beautiful earthenware resembling that found in Agrigento, Sicily, as well as impressive stone structures known as the Ggantija temples.
Gozitan traditions continue to be lovingly preserved by the locals, with a lot of importance being given to activities and events that highlight the island’s identity. Gozo is also a firm believer in local produce and crafts, with lace and wool making, traditional cheeses, preserves, and other food products being produced on a daily basis for both local and international consumption.
Gozo offers many activities that one can opt for – the possibilities are endless and mainly depend on your taste, time and budget. There are various services you can use to navigate around the island and discover more about its history, culture and traditions. You can decide to use the hop-on & hop-off bus service to go around the main localities in Gozo and discover more about each and every town or city. Otherwise you may prefer a guided jeep safari tour or a quad bike tour around the island to see the main touristic attractions
There are various iconic and breath taking places dotted around the island of Gozo. The UNESCO World Heritage Citadel, a small fortified city situated on an imposing hilltop in Gozo’s capital city of Victoria or the Ggantija Temples, a complex composed of two Neolithic megalithic temples in Xaghra, constructed over 5500 years ago which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Gozo is full of history, culture and hidden gems waiting for you to discover them.
There are various beaches and bays around the island of Gozo. Situated close to the village of Qala, the sandy cove with crystal clear waters, known as Hondoq ir-Rummien, is an extremely popular swimming spot among locals in the summer months. Ramla Bay, a wide and sandy beach in the north of Gozo, is another popular beach and is known for its particular reddish sand, from which it in fact derives the name which is often used to refer to it – Ir-Ramla l-Ħamra, meaning red sandy beach.
Gozo covers 67 square kilometres (26 sq mi), approximately the same area as New York City's Manhattan island, and is composed of 14 towns. Each of these make up the richness and diversity that Gozo has to offer. The three hills which are featured in the Gozo three hills logo are Nadur, Xaghra and Zebbug. Research shows that there are at least 31 hills and hillocks on the small island. The capital of Gozo, Victoria, is also locally referred to as Rabat and it is situated in the center of the island.
It is fairly easy to get around in Gozo thanks to the number of transport services provided. From the Public Transport service which covers the whole island, to the Hop On, Hop Off buses, as well as the introduction of taxi services such as Uber and Bolt, one can easily go from one point to the other in a jiffy.