Gozitan traditions continue to be lovingly preserved by the locals, with a lot of importance being given to activities and events that highlight the island’s identity.

The local festas, celebrated all year round, are always fascinating to attend, and can be of a historical or religious nature. These feasts draw large crowds and always include brilliant fireworks and local bands on their programme. One such yearly celebration takes place in Gharb on the feast day of the Visitation of Our Lady. Here, a carpet of flowers referred to as an infiorata is woven in preparation for the village feast. On Sunday, which happens to be the feast day, the saint’s statue is laid on this carpet while on its way out of and into the parish church.

Gozo is also famous for its unique carnival celebrations, with the Nadur village festival reputed to be the most vivacious and daring one of the many activities happening on the island. Outrageous carnival floats, grotesque masks hiding familiar faces, and comic acts are among the many folkloristic elements in store for those who roam the streets of Nadur during the carnival festivities.

Gozo is also a firm believer in local produce and crafts, with lace and wool making, traditional cheeses, preserves, and other food products being produced on a daily basis for both local and international consumption.